Quick facts about tire waste infill based artificial turf (AT):

AT is wildly expensive ($1M-$1.3M per new field), is NOT maintenance free & must be replaced every 8 years for ~$1M;

AT is regularly 50-70 degrees hotter than grass next to it, with highest heat closest to the surface = youngest children at most risk;

AT infill is toxic: lead (!), mercury, cadmium, phthalates, VOCs and SVOCs and more– and heavy metals bio-accumulate; once in your body, they stay & are added to past/future exposure.

AT plastic grass has lead intentionally added to it, as a color fixative– like leaded paint;

AT gets so hard the NFL tests every field in dozens of spots, before every game for Gmax: a high score = risk of life-threatening injury = no game until remediation;

AT is disliked by professional athletes from premier soccer clubs across Europe to the survey of 1,565 active NFL players from all 32 teams who said 90% to 10%) they felt AT was harder on their bodies than grass, and that AT would end their careers sooner than grass;

AT fields have a higher rate of low-body injury, where many of these do not involve impact with another player– it’s from the different torque of AT on a foot-plant, on efforts to accelerate or decelerate, etc.

AT requires biocides that are not regulated or tested for children;

AT gives players terrible turf burn;

AT’s prior studies merely show there is not (yet) any proven direct link of AT to cancer etc. But: the EPA, CDC and CPSC have definitely said existing science IS NOT SUFFICIENT to determine risks posed by AT. That means the earlier studies DO NOT ANSWER the questions, no matter how many times the industry groups cite those old studies.

AT is like asbestos, cigarettes… and leaded paint: we know there’s highly hazardous stuff in there. Are we going to choose to put our kids on it and pay a premium for the privilege?

AT is no solution at all, except for the for-profit industry.

Please help us to protect the health of our students and environment.  We invite you to take a look at the growing number of Research Articles and Press Coverage for more information surrounding the health hazards of tire waste infill based artificial turf.  Safe Healthy Playing Fields, SynTurf as well as Environment and Human Health Inc. are useful resources with current information.

“This crumb rubber is a material that cannot be legally disposed of in landfills or ocean-dumped because of its toxicity. Why on earth should we let our children play on it?”

– Patti Wood, Executive Director of Grassroots Environmental Education